About us

Jack Wilms – Obi Valley Woodworks

Jack was born in Cowra, New South Wales but spent most of his early years in Germany. Upon returning to Australia in 1983 he travelled extensively throughout this country seeking to re-establish the bond to the land of his birth.

Jack’s skill in working the timber evolved while experiencing the many wonders of our Australian outback and wildlife. A combination of creativity, hard work and a deep respect for the timber he loves most results in the beautiful sculptured one-off pieces that he creates. His passion is creating wildlife and native scenes as well as one-off furniture pieces and carved Red Cedar doors.

His skills are self taught and are constantly being perfected as the years go by. Whatever his latest creation might be he is able to bring out the natural rich colour and grain of the timber and work it into the story of each piece. He is versatile in his creations and each sculpture can be boasted as being a one-off because of the uniqueness of each piece of timber.

The artwork is not mass produced and Jack enjoys creating each piece to perfection, most of the furniture and carved doors are commissioned by the client to suit their personal taste. A selection of Jack's clientele add to their collection over time with sculptures or furniture pieces to further compliment their home. It is nothing new to see a Cedar Creations enthusiast have their home decked-out with Jack's artwork from carved double front doors through to a show piece dining table, coffee tables, hall stands, mirrors, and selected sculptures throughout. We do hope you enjoy Jack's latest creations.

Jack spends most of his time in his studio, located on the property he shares with his partner Monica which is set in tranquil surroundings in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. On weekends and most public holidays their Gallery, Obi Valley Woodworks is open to the public between 10am – 4pm. In a relaxed atmosphere you can enjoy the latest artworks available.  Located in the beautiful Obi Valley, half way between Mapleton and the bustling rural township of Kenilworth, we hope to see you soon.

Australian Red Cedar

Toona Ciliata (Syn.T.Australis) - Red Cedar.
The Red Cedar is famous for its fragrant red wood that is much sought after for us in furniture making, building and ornamental woodwork. The soft wood is easily worked and polishes to a rich red that is enhanced with age.  Originally a native of large areas of coastal and rainforest New South Wales and Queensland in Australia but early indiscriminate logging has resulted in this tree rarely growing naturally in Australia. It also occurs naturally in Papua New Guinea, India and parts of Asia.  This handsome tree may reach 30 meters or more in height in ideal conditions.